Come in to update your will, plan your family’s future, to close on your new home in our new full sized conference room with internet teleconferencing capabilities, or any of the other areas of law our firm handles.  Our senior counsel Michael Klasfeld and the rest of our staff are waiting to hear from you.

But most important of all, BEFORE YOU SIGN, that document, whatever that document is, come in to have us look at it before.  We have too many clients that come in after trouble instead of before.

Certified Circuit Civil Mediator by the Supreme Court of Florida.

DragonCon 2014 is Here

Welcome to DragonCon 2014. Michael Klasfeld will be in attendance for any of your legal needs, be they NCSF related or otherwise.  Please feel free to contact this office at (954) 781-8000 to arrange for an appointment.  Keep it Shiny, see you in the ‘verse, and stay Dauntless!  You can check out Michael’s fan site …

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Marriage DEFENDED!

by Michael C. Klasfeld, Esq. Well the dastardly DOMA or Defense of Marriage act is finally dead.  I find it rather interesting that the same people who say that the government should not stick its nose into their guns, into their smog, into their water pollution, into the safety of our food, SHOULD however stick …

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