Feb 21

European Rescue? Look local!

I have heard a lot about this European rescue.  Greece austerity drive is not working and not expected to work.  Well, I understand that world events affect us here in the United States, and especially in here in Florida, but we need to worry about ourselves first.

I am sorry if this is not the popular view, but even in an airplane, when telling you safety instructions, they tell you to put the air mask over your face before assisting the elderly or even your own children.  Why?

Because we need to be strong before we can help others.  A huge amount of our population is under foreclosure, should be under foreclosure, will be soon under foreclosure, or are liquidating their life savings to temporarily stop being in foreclosure.  This is not sustainable.

Those that need to go bankrupt should, so they can pick up the pieces and start over.  I have seen too many parties try to stave off financial ruin at the cost of their health and sanity and all they achieved (besides health problems) is delaying the inevitable.

But where you stand in this whole situation needs to be evaluated by someone with the knowledge to guide you in the right direction without emotion entering into the equation.  Someone who can tell you the cold hard truth.  Sometimes it will be that you can wait it out.  Often, these days, it will be that you need to fold in the towel and start over.  If you think it’s hard to restart now, think how hard it will be 5 years from now?!?

So if you don’t seek our help and guidance, please find someone who can give you a dispassionate, honest, analysis of your situation.  You’ll be glad in the end.

— Michael C. Klasfeld, Esq.

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