Mar 13

Foreclosures Are Us

by Michael C. Klasfeld, Esq.

While we all are hoping for the economy to pick up, and it has thanks to many Obama initiatives, foreclosures are still part of our daily life.  Relative to but a few years ago, prices are higher, incomes are lower, and “trickle down economics” (give the rich all the tax breaks so the poor will get their leavings) are just increasing the list of foreclosures while making a richer and more detached upper class (see Mitt Romney and Donald Trump).

If you or any friend or family get caught up this this foreclosure crisis don’t just run.  There are many alternatives to letting the bank win.  Sabotaging the house that the bank is trying to take may give a short term rush, getting (forcing?) the bank to be reasonable and business like where you get to stay in your home is nicer.  We’ve spent the over a decade getting just such resolutions to happen, but if you don’t use us, please use an attorney to protect your rights.  A happy ending is the best victory.

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