Whether or not you are trying to foreclose on a mortgage you gave your buyer on your last home, (or just gave as an investment) or whether someone is trying to foreclose on you, Michael C. Klasfeld, P.A. is who you want on your side.  With experience as both Plaintiff and Defendant counsel, Michael C. Klasfeld can offer both traditional litigation solutions as well as other unique solutions to get your the best solution to fit your situation.  We give honest sincere opinions in your case, even if it involves less legal fee for our office.  You are the client, and your needs are first at Michael C. Klasfeld, P.A.

If you already were foreclosed on, there are still substantial post-foreclosure matters to consider (Please click for more information.).

If you have gotten a notice that your property is going to be sold for taxes, you have a very special type of foreclosure situation called a Tax Deed Sale.  Please click here for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have gotten a notice of a foreclosure action against you, DO NOT TAKE LEGAL ADVICE FROM ANYONE BUT YOUR ATTORNEY.  Call us immediately and come in immediately.  We cannot stress this point enough.  Too many clients take advice of the foreclosing bank, their officers, someone at the foreclosure sale, or other unqualified or adversarial party and come to us after their property is 95 percent lost.  In today’s crazy real estate market, there are many unscrupulous investors out there who are just waiting for you to make a mistake or sign damning documents with them.  The sooner you come in, the better chance you have of saving/recovering your property.

If you are considering a bankruptcy, contact us, we are here to help.

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