If someone owes you money, be it through a mortgage, a note, an agreement, a judgment, or most any other method, we can assist in your recovery of said funds through many means, including foreclosure.

If you purchase Tax Deeds, or just happen to get one when your tax certificate property owner didn’t pay, we can help you clean up the title to sell or mortgage the property.  Florida Tax deeds are usually not immediately marketable title upon receipt.

If you are purchasing a new investment property, even by traditional means (purchasing directly from a seller), you really want somebody on your side at the closing.  We would be happy to assist.

The only thing to remember is: PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT TAKE LEGAL ADVICE FROM ANYONE BUT YOUR ATTORNEY.  If you have any reason to believe you are subject to losing your property to a Tax Deed sale, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY.  If not us, then another Florida attorney with experience in Florida Tax Deed law.  It is a field of law rather different from most.

Too many clients take advice of the tax deed holder, someone at the foreclosure sale, or other unqualified or adversarial party and come to us after their property is 95 percent lost.  The sooner you come in, the better chance you have of saving/recovering your property.