Living wills are called many things in many states such as a “Pull the Plug”, a “DNR”, a “Do Not Resuscitate”, or a “Right to Die Declaration”.  What it means is that you do not want extraordinary means taken to keep you alive when there is little to no chance for your to recover from your injuries in any meaningful way.  This document has come to the forefront of our news media in the 2005 Terri Schiavo case.

There are many factors to consider in making the decision to have or not to have this document drafted.  This document can be very important to your piece of mind and that of your family.  It also can have substantial impact of your family’s finances.  Our counsel can assist you in making the proper decisions and drafting the proper clauses to meet your needs in this document.

And when you are considering making a Living Will, you also may want to consider a Health Care Surrogate, a Durable Power of Attorney, a Life Estate, or one of many other related documents, besides a Will and/or Trust.  Only a studied review from an attorney can discuss these matters with you and assist you in the proper series of documents that will best fit your estate planning needs.