Philip M. Berman, Esq. – Deceased

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Philip M. Berman, Esq. – Deceased
In Memoriam

Phil was our senior adviser and founder of an original law facility at our location over 30 years ago.  He will be missed.
New York University
Brooklyn Law School, June, 1960, as Valedictorian
  Courts Admitted:
All Courts of the State of New York (1960)
All Courts of the State of Florida (1972)
United States Supreme Court, Washington, D.C.
American Bar Association
New York Bar Association
Florida Bar
American Arbitration Association
Judicial Selection and Qualification Committee of the Florida Bar (1987)
  Extended Experience:
Private practice in litigation
Probate and real estate in New York City (1960 through 1974)
Private practice in the same areas from 1974 to date in South Florida
Board of Directors, Legal Counsel, Black Fin Yacht Corp.
  Special Qualifications:
Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Civil Litigation since 1983
  Career Highlights:
Served by Special Appointment of the President of the United States as Government
Appeals Agent, U.S. Draft Board, New York City (during Vietnam War).
Participated in preliminary trade negotiations between U.S. Attorneys and Russian representatives in Moscow and Leningrad under the Auspices of United States State Department.
Conducted a study of the Monorail and reported same to the New York Legislature.
Went to Vietnam during 1969 as Special Representative for the Mayor of the City of New York.