This is a rather unique field of law where many of the expected rules don’t apply in the same way as in other fields of law.  For example, the winning party may actually be the one liable for the expenses.  It is not a field to be taken lightly or to be handled without sufficient knowledge of Florida Tax Deed laws.

We are well versed with the nuances of this field and have litigated many cases in trial court as well as some in appellate and federal court.  We are ready to apply that knowledge to your case and we even have special fee schedules for uncontested tax deed quiet titles.  We also are therefore qualified to fight them.

Recently we are on the leading edge on Tax Deed Quiet Title litigation, currently being lead counsel on a pivotal appellate case on the matter.

Please note, we have had inquiries about quieting up title to investor’s tax certificates.  Please realize that tax certificates are substantially different investment interests from tax deeds and are too detailed to address here.  Please contact this office for an appointment to discuss those.