While often referred to solely as Trusts, when talking about estate planning most people are actually talking about Testamentary Trusts.  These Trusts in Florida have strict statutory requirements that may not be necessary in all states.  Also having a trust in Florida doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also have an appropriate Will to assure your protection.  If your final plans fail your assets could end up going as the state directs, which could have your assets going back to the government.

Trusts are generally more complicated documents than Wills, but they can, under the right circumstances have many benefits.  Probably they can avoid Probate.  They have many ways to stretch your estate tax exceptions.  The many benefits can be discussed at your appointment with our attorney.

And when you are considering making a Trust, you also may want to consider a Health Care Surrogate, a Durable Power of Attorney, , a Living Will, or one of many other related documents, besides a Will.  Only a studied review from an attorney can discuss these matters with you and assist you in the proper series of documents that will best fit your estate planning needs.