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Jun 26

Marriage DEFENDED!

by Michael C. Klasfeld, Esq. Well the dastardly DOMA or Defense of Marriage act is finally dead.  I find it rather interesting that the same people who say that the government should not stick its nose into their guns, into their smog, into their water pollution, into the safety of our food, SHOULD however stick …

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Mar 30

Banks Continue to Need to be Forced to the Bargaining Table

By Michael C. Klasfeld, It still is out there.  Banks insisting on $450,000 to save a home worth $135,000 and then, after they throw the homeowner out on the street, pay $10,000 to rehabilitate the property, pay $6,000.00 in brokerage fees, and thousands more on general closing costs, sell the property 8-24 months later for …

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Mar 13

Foreclosures Are Us

by Michael C. Klasfeld, Esq. While we all are hoping for the economy to pick up, and it has thanks to many Obama initiatives, foreclosures are still part of our daily life.  Relative to but a few years ago, prices are higher, incomes are lower, and “trickle down economics” (give the rich all the tax …

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Feb 21

European Rescue? Look local!

I have heard a lot about this European rescue.  Greece austerity drive is not working and not expected to work.  Well, I understand that world events affect us here in the United States, and especially in here in Florida, but we need to worry about ourselves first. I am sorry if this is not the …

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