Whether you are buying or selling your first home or your winter home in the keys, Michael C. Klasfeld, P.A. is who you need to be at your side to assure that you are getting exactly what you bargained for. DO NOT WAIT TO COME TO US UNTIL AFTER THE PURCHASE AND SALE CONTRACT IS SIGNED. If you already signed it, still come, but you may already have locked yourself into a deal you may or may not understand and may or may not like. If you come in with the purchase and sale contract you are being asked to sign we can discuss with you what you think you are signing and any discrepancies between your expectations and the contract. With this information, we then can help form a contract that complies with your true expectations.

If you are already in a contract that is problematic we can work to resolve that problem.

But most of the time the transaction goes well. You buy or sell your property, the buyer gets the title and title insurance insuring buyer’s title as long as buyer owns the property, the mortgage company gets their mortgage, the seller gets his/her money, and everyone goes away happy. You would be surprised at how much behind the scenes work it takes to achieve this result. If you merely wish representation at your closing we review all closing documents and prepare many of them for you to be used at closing. If we are handling the closing, we draft most of the documentation, handle the mortgage closing documentation, issue payments to all the parties who are due, and issue the title insurance insuring the title to the buyer and bank as long as the buyer owns the property. We write title mostly under Attorney’s Title Insurance Fund, but have access to other underwriters if the situation necessitates.


Come in to update your will, plan your family’s future, to close on your new home or any of the other areas of law our firm handles. Our senior counsel Michael Klasfeld and the rest of our staff are looking forward to hearing from you.