A Life Estate is not exactly a document. It is a special clause in a deed to your Real Property with that allows you to transfer your property to your heir(s) directly when you are alive, but keeps you in substantial control of the property. There are, however, other ways to achieve similar results.

There are many factors to consider in making the decision to have or not to have this document drafted. It effects your ability to transfer the Real Property and it may have tax consequences in today’s volatile Florida real estate market.

Our counsel can assist you in deciding if this meets your needs and to drafting and record the appropriate deed. And when you are considering making a Life Estate, you also may want to consider a Health Care Surrogate, a Durable Power of Attorney, a Living Will, or one of many other related documents, besides a Will and/or Trust. Only a studied review from an attorney can discuss these matters with you and assist you in the proper series of documents that will best fit your estate planning needs.


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