Mediation is a method to decide your own destiny prior to, during, or after your own law suit. It is a process encouraged by the Florida courts, and in many cases ordered by the Florida courts. It is where you and your attorney go into a room with the party on the other side of the lawsuit, and discuss your disagreement in front of a neutral mediator.  This mediator then tries to encourage each side as close as possible to a middle ground to resolve the matter that day, without further legal expense, and to reduce the risk of one side losing everything.

Senior Counsel, Michael C. Klasfeld, Esq., is certified by the Supreme Court of Florida to be such a mediator in Circuit Court matters. While exceptions exist, Circuit Court matters are usually any matter in which the value of the controversy is  greater then $15,000.00.

So if you have a matter in need of resolution or have been ordered by a Circuit Court to attend mediation, please feel free to contact our office to arrange to mediate. We have facilities at our office, or can coordinate attendance at yours. Please call for further information:  (954) 781-8000.


Come in to update your will, plan your family’s future, to close on your new home or any of the other areas of law our firm handles. Our senior counsel Michael Klasfeld and the rest of our staff are looking forward to hearing from you.