We are a Kink Friendly Florida law office, currently registered with the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom in their Kink Aware Professionals Directory. The link to our listing is below. While our fields outlined in this site are this firms main fields of focus, we have ventured beyond our current fields when we have felt the need and ability to address the situation. We can handle all the issues on addressed on our site for most anybody, Kinky or otherwise. As for Kink specific issues, Michael will let you know which ones this office can handle and to what degree. As always, however, Michael is only licensed to practice in Florida and therefore can only intervene on your behalf in cases under Florida Jurisdiction (although can handle Florida State OR Florida Federal Court).

If you are viewing this from DragonCon, please call our office at (954) 781-8000, and the office staff will coordinate contact with Michael at the Convention for a personal appointment there, for any issue outlined above.  He is available whether the issue is Kink specific or any other legal challenge you face.

NCSF / Kink Aware Professionals Directory Listing


Come in to update your will, plan your family’s future, to close on your new home or any of the other areas of law our firm handles. Our senior counsel Michael Klasfeld and the rest of our staff are looking forward to hearing from you.